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Online Data Acquisition System For Other Products (Warping,Sizing,Twisting,Dyeing,Stitching and Lamination)

Classic Loom Data Online Data Acquisition System for other products (Warping, Sizing, Twisting, Dyeing, Stitching, and Lamination) facilitates continuous monitoring of each machine. Various parameters like weight and the length of the fabric can be had at the click of a button. The performance can be significantly enhanced.

The Classic Loom Data system helps in seamless running of the operation and contributes to better productivity. Trusted by leading mills worldwide, the Classic Loom Data Online Data Acquisition System for other Products is designed to deliver results, consistently. By taking the appropriate steps the efficiency of the Shed / Operator can be increased immediately.

Classic Loom Data at the heart of productivity

When it comes to providing total solutions for textile automation, Classic Loom Data is in a league on its own. Incorporating innovative technologies Classic Loom Data manufactures Online Data Acquisition Systems for Spinning, Weaving, Knitting , Embroidery ,TFO , Fabric Inspection, Warping, Sizing, Twisting, Dyeing, Stitching and Lamination.

For the past one and a half decades, the company has quietly established its reputation as a trusted partner in progress for customers across India, All over India. Strong focus on R&D and a clear perception of customer requirements have contributed to Classic Loom Data’s ability to provide customized solutions to help improve productivity and quality.

Classic Loom Data’s facilities are top-of-the-line. A dedicated team of engineers backed by highly experienced people at the helm ensure that every product from their stable delivers results.

Benefits of Data Acquisition System

  • Centralized information of all machine types
  • User friendly menu driven Software
  • Big display for easy monitoring
  • Production/Stoppage/Efficiency-Information for Running Shift, Any Completed Shift, Day, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  • Performance/Comparison for Machine ,Operator, Supervisor &etc.,
  • Planning/Exemption Reports
  • Performance report for top level management
  • Snap study on Running /Stopped/Efficiency
  • Beam Runout reports for beam planning
  • Operator Planning
  • Easy identification of efficiency in different colours
  • Reports for different selection criteria
  • Export to any format(Execl,pdf…)
  • Graphical & Text Report as per customer requirement
  • Graphical Reports-Day&Month wise
  • Stoppage data with time
  • Network Operations&ERP interface
  • Provision to enter the Stop Reason,to view running & last two Shifts Efficiency,Production data in the machine.
  • Score board to display the shed efficiency
  • SMS Alerts for specified users
  • Automated E-mail Reports
  • Auto roll doffing
  • Remote Access