LCD Display with Keyboard Model:

This model have a small LCD display and with key pad. Display will show current RPM, Breakage, efficiency etc.. Also Operator can put stop codes (eg. 55 = Mechanical, 56 = electrical or57= waiting for parts etc...) (These codes have must be pre-defined in the system)

7 Segment Display Model

Without key board all input the options are available in the computer system only, Auto roll doffing attached to it. Machine will automatically stop when reaches the specified meter and the red indicator will blink. Reset key is available to reset or restart the machine. Big display (Seven segment display)

Multichannel Model

This Model is suitable for a group of machines. Using this model we can collect the information from the group of machine. LCD Display will show RPM, Breakage, Efficiency etc.

By selecting key we can see the Machine information vice versa.

Viewer ScoreBoard

The large display score board displays the performance efficiency of the shed and helps to motivate floor level workers. In other words, Score Board can be used as a performance enhancing tool by letting the workers know for sure where they stand in terms of overall performance. It offers a psychological boost to the workers to optimize their performance level. Score Board helps workers to assess their own performance and score better in their subsequent operations.

Stop Code/Sort/Weaver/Beam Assignment Entry Device:

This Common Device is used for assigning the sort details, Beam Details,Stop code details& weaver details by selecting the machine number and entering the details through the keyboard.

SMS/Mail Module

SMS/Mail Alerts Module will send you alerts automatically on Production, Efficiency, Stoppage, Minutes per Stop, Breaks per Hour and other required information as and when it reaches a preset value of your choice.

End of Shift and End of Day data alerts, various alerts at selected intervals (eg.. Every hour)can be sent by SMS/Mail to various mobile numbers/Mail ids of customer’s choice

SMS Module comes with a hardware for installing SIM Card and a software to program the mobile phone numbers, alerts and the frequency of alerts.

Classic Loom Data keeps you connected with your mill 24 x 7 around the world.